Series Name
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 9 September 1998
Written by Chris Brancato
Directed by Brenton Spencer
Episode Guide
"Crazy Eddie"
Subject 117 is the first episode of First Wave. Cade Foster deals with the effects of being experimented on by the Gua, meanwhile his wife worries about his mental health.


"Three days ago I had no idea, that life as I know it, was about to end." - Cade Foster

Three men stand in a room examining one of their subjects for their experiment on the human psychological archetypes. They are wondering why this one made it so much longer than the others. The scene cuts to Cade Foster selling a security system to a corporation, showing them that their recently bought Goodwin Locks are easily overcome, using his skills as a former thief. As he takes "the Uplink" out of his briefcase to show the corporation he has a hallucination that he is holding a severed human head in his hands instead.

Later Cade is at a resturant describing his hallucination to the people he's there with, one of them asks if it wasn't just an acid-flashback. Just as Cade and his wife leave the table the waiter tells him that his credit card is not working and that the credit service requested that they destroyed the card. His wife tries to get him to go see a specialist to help him with his hallucinations. They take a walk and Cade give her an anniversary present, a necklace with the printing "Always Cade" and a picture of them inside.